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Employee Management System

Innovative employee management software


Management System Highlights

Caller Id SystemEmployee Clocks In & Out using a toll free number that uses sophisticated caller ID technology to identify where the call is being made.

Voice Recognition SystemVoice recognition system so we know for sure who has clocked into a specific account. 100% assurance of the right people in the account at all times.

Email AlertsAlerts are emailed or text messages sent to supervisor and management if employees do not check in by a predetermined time. No more worry about an account being missed.

Clock In Times for JanitorsManagement and supervisors can see in real time who is clocked in at all accounts in real time either on a computer or their blackberry.

Time SheetsManagement and supervisors know in real time exactly how much time is spent at each account. This avoids employees not spending the required time in the account to assure quality cleaning.

Employee PaymentEmployees are paid strictly based on the electronic call records so each employee has a vested interest in the accuracy of the system.