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Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Arizona

Office window cleaning throughout the Phoenix area.

Precision Janitorial includes several commercial cleaning services for your business including professional window cleaning. The last thing you want to deal with is dirty windows when you are constantly keeping up with clients and accounts. It's hard to keep a clean building through the daily foot traffic of employees and customers.

Our custodial services take the stress off your business by customizing a cleaning program that fits your company's needs. From high rise windows to interior windows, our scheduling service can make a cleaning plan that works for your company.

Having clean windows is important to every commercial business to protect their clients and employees. Your clients and employees will also be happy to work in a clean environment. We are experts in cleaning windows at call centers, medical centers, and offices all over Phoenix.

Cleaning Process

A clean office is more important than ever as we fight to keep viruses and bacteria out of the workplace. Our commercial window cleaners use a strict cleaning process that reduces the chance of spreading infections in your building.

One of the many ways we keep your building clean and virus free is by using color coded microfiber towels. This simple but effective strategy helps our team minimize the spread of infection. By using specific towels for window washing, we can keep germs from the floor off the windows.

This is especially important in hospitals, one of our commercial specialties. With patients touching everything from floors to walls, they can rest easy knowing our services keep them safe.

Green Cleaning

At our company we offer eco-friendly services with our "Green Cleaning" strategy. This means we use products that are healthier for your customers and employees. It also means our products leave a minimal impact on the environment.

Our window washing services are performed by trained professionals who use our environmentally friendly products. So, you can proudly announce that your business uses eco-friendly cleaning services for your shiny, clear windows.

Other Services

As custodians, our team of janitors are much more than professional window cleaners. They specialize in every office cleaning need. Aside from window washing, we also offer services for the medical industry and pressure washing for commercial buildings throughout Phoenix, Az.

For your window cleaning company, along with any other commercial cleaning, call one of our locations in Phoenix Arizona. You can also contact us online to set up a cleaning service quote and schedule your office window cleaning service.