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Benefits of Regular Office Cleaning

Learn how Precision Janitorial Services provides commercial cleaning efforts to serve businesses both large and small in Phoenix, AZ

Large Business CleaningSavvy business owners know that the cleanliness of their building or facility is a reflection of their professionalism and business acumen.  With that in mind, Phoenix commercial cleaning company Precision Janitorial Services offers custodial and janitorial services for businesses large and small.  No matter the size of your facility or the industry you are in, Precision Janitorial’s professional cleaners provide reliable building/office cleaning services and a 100% commitment to the cleanliness of your facility.     

When Precision Janitorial’s experienced cleaners undertake a job, they do so with pride and extensive on-the-job training to do the job right. The company, which has served the greater Phoenix area for 24 years, provides building and office green cleaning services for industries across the spectrum.  Precision Janitorial Services’ clients include:

  • General offices
  • Manufacturing and industrial buildings
  • Schools
  • Day cares
  • Pre-schools
  • Head-Start schools
  • Kindergarten
  • Churches
  • Medical and dental facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Telemarketing centers
  • Multi-tenant buildings
  • HOA property management
  • Retail businesses
  • Trucking companies
  • Law offices
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • And more

Small Office CleaningBecause no two facilities are alike, neither are the programs Precision Janitorial customizes for each and every client.  The ability to sit down with a Precision Janitorial cleaning professional to determine which services best fulfill your needs, then to order those services on a schedule of your determination, gives you the client the final say in the scope and frequency of your cleaning services.

With a management staff that has over 50 years combined experience in the janitorial business, Valley business owners know what they are getting when they hire Precision Janitorial Services.  Their reputation for quality work, honesty and integrity is unsurpassed in the Phoenix market and is the major reason they have been able to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships with their clients.  And with a client list stretching across industries of all shapes and sizes, each day is another opportunity for the Precision Janitorial team to provide value-added, customized cleaning solutions.

No matter the industry you’re in or the type of facility you have we can all agree on one thing:  the cleanliness of your facility is a reflection on your business and on you as an owner or manager.  Address the everyday cleaning needs of your business or facility by taking the time to consult with Precision Janitorial Services.


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