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The Cleaning Materials We Use Make Our Janitorial Services the Best In Phoenix

 Why We Use Microfiber

First of all, what is microfiber? Microfiber is a synthetic fiber with a diameter 100-200 times thinner than a human hair. The ultra fine fibers are woven together to make cleaning products like towels and mops. The manufacturing process produces hooks and loops that produce a material that is extremely soft, absorbent, and durable.

Benefits of Microfiber

Why we use micro fiber Microfiber Cloth

Infection Control & Decrease in Cross Contamination:
Precision Janitorial Services cleaning crews use different color microfiber towels and mops to decrease the chances of cross contamination. How nasty would it be to use the same towel on a toilet and an office desk or break room table? Yuck! When mopping, a traditional wet mop must be continuously dunked into a the mop bucket to get more cleaning solution. This process contaminates the cleaning solution and you end up mopping dirt, bacteria, & viruses back onto the floor.
Precision Janitorial Services cleaning crews utilize wet microfiber flat mops. Our micro mops are designed to hold the cleaning solution in the handle of the mop and dispense the cleaning solution directly to the floor and onto the microfiber mop head. The microfiber mop head is never dipped into the cleaning solution during the mopping process. Different color mop heads are used for specific areas of the building. For example red mop heads for the bathrooms and blue for other areas. If there are 3 bathroom areas in a building then 3 clean red mop heads are used, one for each bathroom. The microfiber mop heads are used only once per facility. The same process is utilized for microfiber cleaning clothes. They are color coded for specific areas and tasks inside the facility. Talk about a decrease in cross-contamination!

Attract Dirt & Dust:
The manufacturing process of making microfiber produces a positively charged fabric. This positively charged microfiber attracts the negatively charged dust and dirt. This produces increased cleaning capabilities.

Less Water & Cleaning Chemicals:
Traditional fabrics use much more water & chemical to clean the same area that microfiber can clean. Less water and chemical usage produces green cleaning, greater savings and reduces the impact on the environment.

Small Microfibers:
The small microfibers get into pores & crevices better than cotton, providing better cleaning results.

Did you know that microfiber has about 100 times more surface area than natural textiles of the same size? The fibers also hold about 7-8 times their own weight in water. Furthermore, whereas cotton absorbs about 70% of moisture, microfiber absorbs about 98%. This means a dryer area for a decreased chance of "Slip and fall" accidents.

Longer Life:
Microfiber can be laundered many more times than traditional fibers. Many microfiber towels & mops can be laundered hundreds of times! This reduces the impact on the environment over time.

Cleaner Fabric:
Bacteria doesn't absorb into the microfiber material like cotton. So when you pickup a clean microfiber mop or towel, you know it is cleaner.

When choosing a cleaning services provider, insist on them utilizing the above cleaning procedure using microfiber products.